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Well I needed to be reminded that I was going to post Wendy’s pendants on my online store – and totally forgot!  Memories shorten as you get older (and waistbands tighten).  Anyway I just updated so they are now showing – I do apologise for the poor photos.  Photographing shiny objects is a bit tougher – I am sure there are ways but heck I just learned how to upload photos to my computer a year ago so I figure I am doing really well.

Diane from Montreal arrived Friday night – snacks in hand! husband and dog in tow! So yesterday was spent hooking on the dock, yacking, eating and  junking!  Went to Rideau Antiques in Lombardy/Rideau Ferry- if you have not been this is junker HEAVEN!  It can take hours and hours to go through all the “stuff” but it is wonderful.  Came home with a ton of goodies – old dirty vintage bottles that we are going to make into snowmen (in a class taught by Louise Lord), vintage buttons, egg crates, an old back off a wash sink to hang a rug on and hooks, wagon wheel plus saw some wonderful old rusted chippy metal bedframes to use as trellises in the garden. SOOOOO much stuff and sooooo much fun!!!!

I mentioned I would post a picture of Diane’s rug from our Jule Marie class.  I think Diane agonised for quite a while but ended up with a wonderful pattern and the colours are amazing.  More of those brights and on a black background wow they just pop.

I keep talking about different people from our group.  There is a group of us who have been getting together at each others homes for the last  5 years? We also do a retreat at Camp Iawah every February – we call it Hookin not Cookin!  I think we have done this 3 years now and it is an entire weekend.  We sleep on rubber mattresses (do they not trust us with real?), bring our own bedding, share rooms, live without wine (Iawah is a dry camp), share 2 washrooms and have the most amazing, fun weekend.  We start on Friday afternoon and end Sunday afternoon – the leaders at Iawah are wonderful and we DON’T COOK ALL WEEKEND but usually end up gaining weight!  So this year we all decided we need to do this more often and this fall we have another retreat – this time however, we are actually bringing in a teacher for the weekend.  Pam Langdon from Ottawa is teaching Maud Lewis.  It should be a wonderful fun weekend again.  I have posted a picture of some of our attendees from this past February’s retreat – a group photo of everyone with their completed purses.  Every year we have one or 2 group activities that people can participate in (if they wish) and we also have a challenge (again participate if you want).  So here are the participants in the purse class taught by me (well no teaching really necessary with this group as they seem to absorb everything immediately!).

The “bag” ladies!!!
From Left to right top row – Laura (sporting her felted scarf which she taught over the weekend), Lydia, Sandi, Wendy, Linda and Andrea.  Bottom row – Donna(scarf made by her taught by Laura), Elizabeth, Louise, Karen and Diane.  Some of our attendees – Liz and Betty and Louise L. – did not do purses so unfortunately are not in the picture – next year I will get everyone!  And of course I am not in the picture – cause I was taking it!!!!


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  1. Don’t forget to post some pictures when your ‘junk’ is in its final resting place. Will Gord be ‘planting’ the bed frame soon? I guess we will have to wait until Feb. for the snowmen pics. What a great picture of our group. We always have so much fun together. Cheers.

  2. Diane the colors are georgeous-scruptious…love it!
    I noticed Loretta didnt mention those sexy pj’s she wears at camp-she looks like a love goddess in them!
    Hooking,creating, junking, eating and good friends….that is what my term of “heaven” is all about-what is yours?

  3. Good lookin group of women I must say!!!!! Diane your rug is wonderful, love it! Sounds like you had a good time yesterday junkin. Lots of goodies to take home to the NEW house, hope you bring pics in November.


  4. Delightful purses – what a fun group you have! It’s my dream to take a class from Jule Marie – someday!


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