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Oh sitting on the dock this morning with my coffee and hubby and it felt like September – cool, sunny and no humidity!!  That is the best part – no humidity! There has been a LOT of humidity in my dye kitchen over the last few days as I dyed up a bunch of wool.  Usually around this time of year we start seeing colour appearing in the trees on the lake and it gets me so excited.  I guess I am a very visual person and like my friend Sheila, driven by colour!  So when I see the maples going yellow and orange and red and the oaks going bronze and russet I neeeeeed to dye fall colours.  So today I dyed russet (a colour from Karen Kahle’s Vintage Colours dye book).  It is a wonderful brown red –  in my case more brown than red because I did not have enough Bronze so had to substitute.   Did I mention I don’t follow formulas very well?  I used Majic Carpet Moss Green instead and am totally happy with the colour.  Mix this with some burnt orange, olive green, anjou pear and eggplant or maple sugar background and what a great fall rug!  I have posted under classes a Primitive Dye Class for September 22.  The class is intensive but fun and not intimidating.  My first dye teacher was Tony Latham who is an amazing master dyer. Tony is a perfectionist and his results always come out exactly as he intended and are all beautiful (check out his blog Totally hooked… listed under Other Blogs).  I am a much more “fly by the seat of my pants” dyer.   I often replace a dye that I have run out of with something similar so my colours aren’t always spot on.  Plus I use a lot of textures and various base colours so that I can do all my values in one shot in the pot. So if this kind of dyeing appeals to you send me an email to register for the class. However, if you shudder at the thought of not levelling off the dye in your spoon or cleaning out your measuring cup after each colour hmmm….(well actually I am not that! bad!).

Karen Kahle’s Russet

Karen uses Cushings dyes for her formulas in this book.  What I love about the book is that she only uses 18 dyes for all the formulas.  The colours all work so well together and one of the reasons is that she tends to use the same colours but in varying amounts in each colour family.  It is a great book with an actual colour display in the center and does not require buying a ton of dyes.

I am almost done my NFF rug – Give Ye Thanks.  Need to finish the bird and sky and tweak a few things.  But it is a big rug and I am getting tired of hooking background so yesterday I started a new purse flap based on part of one of the patterns I bought from Karla Gerard.  I told her what I wanted to do and got her permission to adapt the pattern to my purse flap.  I love doing purses – they are quick and fun and each one is unique.  I can hook a flap in a few hours and take a break from a bigger rug and play a bit.  Once these 2 pieces are done I will post them.  I also posted about a Finishing Class I will be holding here on October 27 – check my events page for more information on this and the dye class.

This weekend my friend, Diane, is coming from Montreal with her husband for a visit.  I am so excited – have not seen them in months!!!  Diane is also a hooker and she and her husband love going to the junk man with me to look for – junk!  So we will hook on the dock, junk shop (maybe) and just have a lot of fun.  Diane took the JM class in May and will bring her rug to work on so I hope to get a picture of it for next weeks posts.  It is a wonderful pattern she designed with Jule Marie and done in glorious brights!


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  1. Diane’s rug looks wonderful. Love her choices of colors. Wish we had a group like yours around here. I miss the gang from college who had been together since first grade. Unfortunately, we all split and don’t see each other except at reunions. Next year, it will 35 years since we graduated from high school.


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