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It is FINALLLLLLY raining here – I refuse to water gardens.  If a plant is going to live with me it needs to make it on its own – thank god I did not have kids!!!!  So my gardens are pretty well drought tolerant but some have been really droopy of late – begging for a good rain so it just started and I hope it keeps raining for the rest of the day and night.  However, we did rent a ladder to stain the shakes in the eaves of the house – not great planning since rain WAS predicted!  Oh well if we have to return it tomorrow it means I will have the day off!

Yesterday I posted a picture of Donna’s pineapple rug.  The background is eggplant and I posted the formula.  I love mixing eggplant with other colours – it works beautifully with some strips of dark burnt orange thrown in and some great eggplant plaids and some browny purple plaids.  My Primitive Fox rug has various values and tones of eggplant as well as some other strips thrown in.

Here is another version of this background colour – it works so well with everything that I consider it a neutral.  My colours are usually  more yellow based but if you look at Donna’s rug you will see her colours for her motifs are much more blue based but they all work with eggplant!

A few days ago I posted about eyeball dyeing and included a picture of the rug I recently finished based on a Karla Gerard pattern and using brights which we dyed by eyeball.  Today Anne(from Chicago) sent me a picture of her finished Karla Gerard rug – it is wonderful!!! and again all the wool was dyed by eyeball!  No formulas!  Here is Anne’s rug:

I just got more of Karla’s patterns and am deciding which one I will hook next.  They are so whimsical and wonderful.

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  1. Of all of the colours I have used in rug hooking, eggplant is my absolute favourite. Today I am just finishing a rug with a lovely eggplant background. I will post the picture when I am finished. Loretta, your rugs are gorgeous! Anne’s rug is amazing…love the landscaping!

  2. I love Anne’s rug-its so cheery! Well done Anne!

  3. Congrats on your new blog, Loretta – it looks great. I am really looking forward to ‘subscribing’. “Wiennnnner” is coming along but as I am taking Laura Boszormeny’s “Turn over a New Leaf” rug hooking workshop this week at Brockville’s St. Lawrence College, he has been relegated to his kennel for the time being!

    P.S. We are close to selling our house and are in the process of negotiating an offer right now… yay!!!

    Nancy McNamara

  4. Terrific rug Anne. You must have loved hooking it as you finished it so quickly. Now if only I could be inspired to hook that often. What will your next rug be?

    • Thanks Donna, it was fun to hook, but it still took a month to do, but I am happy with it. I do not know what I will do next as far as Karla goes. I am working on Loretta’s Penny Rug right now. It is relaxing and I can “chat” while I am doing it without making a mistake. Anne

  5. Loretta, love the blog, love the pics of Diane, she must be tickled to see herself. Love all the info. How you find the time??????
    Received three of Karla’s patterns and can’t wait to get started.
    Ann, your rug is terrific. Is it for your home or a gift?

    • Thanks Karen, I think it will go on the floor in our guest bedroom at home. I will try it there first and see if I like it. My walls are full, so I would have to take something down to hang it. Did you start one for your granddaughter’s room?

  6. Hello and congratulations. I did send a comment but since I am new to this p’erhaps I made a goof. I lived in a small town near Picton and am, homesick for the area when I read your comments.
    Actually I started the Quinte Isle Hooking Guild in Picton way back in 1965 so that tells you a little about my age. I was interested in the patterns you say are by Karla Gerard. Do you sell those patterns?
    Congratulations again and keep up the good work. I love your hooking…….shirley

    • Hi Shirley So wonderful to hear from another local “hooker”. Thank you for reading my blog. Don’t you just love Karla’s designs. I only have a couple of her patterns that I had bought for myself but have ended up selling so now I only have 2 left. What I would suggest is going on her site – you can order directly from her. She has TONS of designs and the patterns on paper are 12.00 usually and she ships very very quickly. I will post her website on my blog… Loretta


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