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So Sunday was spent at the Odessa Antique show just outside of Kingston.  It was a rainy drizzly humid day but that did not stop Donna and I from spending mannnnnny hours and mannnnnnny dollars!!!!  There were some amazing primitive pieces (can you tell I love primitive ANYTHING!) – most of which of course, were well out of my price range.  Seems everyone else loves primitives too or they are becoming very scarce and the price has gone up tremendously.  All the wonderful chippy painted pieces were about 3 times what I could afford to spend.  But they were definitely beautiful to look at and covet.

Met up with so many like-minded hookers!  Anne(from Chicago), Wendy,Linda and Rhonda.  Linda beat me to it – was just in the process of looking at a wonderful antique hooked rug with 2 rabbits that was in amazing condition and debating making an offer when the vendor took it down!  It was sold along with another one with horse(s?) that I had not even had a chance to look at.  Turned around and was happy to see that at least they were going to a good home where I could visit them!!! Oh well – saved my dollars and spent them elsewhere.  Got a lovely old wall rack with dowelled hooks to hang yarns or my hooked purses on and a great little chippy yellow carrier.  Donna got an amazing armoire! wonderful old charcoal black finish that used to be in a farmhouse in Sorel Quebec.  Donna is also a very talented folk art carver so she picked up a number of antique pieces that she will use as bases for her carvings.  I have attached a picture of Donna and one of her rugs she is currently working on and one of her carvings.

Di and Donna – as you can see Di seems to make it into every picture.

Donna did NOT BRING her Jule Marie workshop rug along.  It is going to be an amazing rug with a great story behind every element in the rug.  Butttt I won’t tell that story until I actually have a picture of the rug.  This is another one she is working on – great pattern by Marion Ham that was a free insert back in the 90’s in Rughooking magazine.  The background is eggplant and dirty maple sugar.  Will post the formula for eggplant below.

One of Donna’s folkart carvings.  Donna has been part of our fall studio tour for many years with her carvings.  I am the proud owner of a number of her pieces.

So, came back and washed off alllll the sticky sweaty dirty feeling in the lake and then hooked for the rest of the evening.  What a great day.  Antiquing and hooking!!!! and meeting up with friends!  What could be better….

Eggplant Formula:

1/4 tsp Magic Carpet black

1/16 tsp Magic Carpet bottle green

1/16 tsp Magic Carpet red

1/8 tsp Magic Carpet chocolate brown

This will dye 1/4 yard of fabric.  I usually multiply by 4 and do at least a yard of mixed fat 8ths in various textures and base colours and values to get a good variety of eggplant colours and values.

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  1. The rug is coming along just lovely Donna-and oh, baby do I love that eggplant!(and the carving!!!)

  2. Does Donna have a website?

    • Hi Doris, unfortunately I don’t have a website yet. Unlike Loretta, I am not yet retired and have a preteen and teenager that take up most of my time. Perhaps I will learn from Loretta and learn how to create a blog where I can post my carvings. Unfortunately I am taking a break from this fall’s show at Loretta’s but I hope to be back next year.


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