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Oh yesterday was a fun day.  For the first time in ages hubbie, Gord, and I took a day to just drive around and visit a new area.  Went over the Hill Island Bridge which is one of the prettiest views around to the U.S.  I hope our American friends reading this don’t mind but I LOVE THIS EXCHANGE RATE!!! Started off by going to a wonderful primitive store where I was so overwhelmed I bought only a garland of stars!  Outside on the grassy field an Amish woman had set up baskets made by her family.  They were lovely and I had to have one of course!!!  Then off to a craft fair. There were some very interesting booths at the fair – got some lovely pottery and a real! not print! theorem painting.  The artist is Nancy Mossing and she bought out an estate of a theorem artist and found this wonderful drawing for a theorem.  Many of Nancy’s theorems are the traditional bowls of fruit etc. but this one was so funky and folky it was just up my alley!  And it was in a frame made and hand grained by her husband!  Well needless to say, it ended up in my car!  Then off to Sackets Harbor for lunch at Tin Pan Galley (lovely setting and amazing food! – hmmm why is it hookers love food so much!!!!).  We then wandered the waterfront and shops (unfortunately many are now closed because of the economy).  I got an amazing tea and infuser – imagine Lemon Meringue without all those calories!!!  I thought I was dreaming when I smelled it – hope it tastes as good as it smells.  Then!!! into the art gallery where I found a wonderful primitive painting by a local artist done on an old (possibly reproduction) of a bill of sale.  Hmmm – needed to have that too!  So today I will hang my new purchases and gaze at them while I hook!

Here is a picture of my theorem – does anyone recognize this as Nancy and both felt we had seen it before.

Tonight my friend Donna is coming to stay overnight so that we can leave EARLY tomorrow morning for the antique show in Odessa!   Not sure I have any money left but …

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  1. more details puleeeze…where was that craft fair? I have never heard of theorem paintings but I REALLY like it. I am glad you had a great day…and I hope Gord had fun too 🙂

  2. love the buttons on the belly ! and what colors ! you need to do a rug with yourself riding on a sheep, holding a dye pot and a hook !

  3. Love the blog! When I was at your home for the hook-in, I saw your amazing folk art…sounds like you found some great additions!

  4. Jealous Jealous Jealous!! Sounds like a great day that even Rick would have loved.

  5. Well we are right next door to the turn off for the bridge, you could have stopped in for coffee, Loretta….next time please!!!

  6. Sam and I ate dinner on the patio at Tin Pan Alley a few years ago. It was fabulous. Do they still serve pesto with their bread basket?

    Tanya was at the Odessa Antique Fair on Sunday AND she gave me her old cutter!!! Yeehaw!


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