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My friend Wendy Tremblay of the Paisley rug is also an amazing crafter. Wendy makes wonderfully funky pendants for rughookers. Here is a picture of some of her pendants (sorry for the poor quality!) – they are 2 sided and sell for 10.00 each through my online store. If you email me I can send you pix of some of the other pendants I have in stock. These are wonderful as gifts to hooker friends! orrrr for your own personal enjoyment!

Yesterday my friend Sandi came to visit but it was way tooooo short – by the time we went out in the boat and had lunch she had to leave!  As usual no hooking actually got done!!! But I did get a great shot of her and her Hallee rug.  Sandi has only been hooking about 2 years but wow she has come a long way in those 2 years.  This is Sandi’s design from our class with Jule Marie and I love it.  Hallee almost bounces off the rug!

I have been posting a lot about my “dirty” colours and they definitely are my favourites however in the class we took with Jule Marie one of the things we worked on was “eyeball” dyeing. We mixed up batches of primaries i.e. Prochem 119(sun yellow) 490(brilliant blue) and 338(magenta) and then using one as a base we mixed in some of the other premixed dyes until we arrived at colours we were looking for. For example, if I wanted a bright chartreuse I would start with a base of yellow and add in blue formula until I achieved that particular version of chartreuse I wanted. To test the dye we dipped in paper towel or tissue. I could not believe how FREEING this was compared to working with strict formulae (not that I am that strict when I dye – I do kind of toss in additional things if I feel the need!).   So I have been playing with these brights and have been having fun. Below is a picture of some of the brights I have dyed recently as well as a rug hooked with these brights. The rug is a pattern by Karla Gerard. My friend, Anne (from Chicago), introduced us to Karla’s patterns. Karla is not a rughooker – she is an artist but recently has translated her paintings into paper rughooking patterns. They are incredibly inexpensive and just so much fun to hook. Karla uses bright colours in her paintings and these new “eyeballed” brights are just perfect for her patterns.


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  1. Such pretty, pretty colors. Welcome to the blog world!

  2. Sheila McIntyre

    Hi Loretta

    Love your last two blogs. Spilling coffee on a rug is one of my constant nightmares. I am especially terrified of spilling it on someone else’s rug at a crowded hookin. Now i have the solution: just go to dirty colour hookins.

    So I thought that was a good plan til I saw the photo of your eyeball dyeing results. You are going to have to give up coffee for Koolaid if you keep using colours like that.

  3. tch tch tch….now Loretta get this….rughookers ARE artists…love that latest rug you posted, especially the vibrancy. And here I thought your traditional palette was perfect, now I see that it is just your artist’s eye that is perfect…you are a colour genius!

  4. Diana! You sneak in more pics than the cats!
    Love Hallee she looks great…finish her Sandi!

  5. love the colors and the artwork! congrats to your new blog…Joni (Fully Wooly Primitives)

  6. enjoying your blog! and great to keep in touch with your workshops again. love the house piece. alana kapell


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