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All went well and I did not poison anyone… (I think!)

Well the evening was a blast.  Went boating, tubing and swimming in the lake.  Then a super meal (mostly NOT cooked by me!).  Wendy brought along the rug that she designed in a class we took in May with Jule Marie Smith on colour and borders.  The rug itself she hooked in a class taught by Elaine Copeman at Trent School of Rughooking – Paisley.  It is a beautiful rug and I am posting it and a picture of Wendy and my sister Di.  The photo of the rug does not do it justice but will give you an idea. Jule Marie taught us about borders and one of the things she taught us was that borders do not have to be square or rectangular – they can be any shape you want; they don’t have to be all the way around a rug either – one or two  or three sides are fine.  They should relate to the centre of your rug in design and colour though so that there is continuity.  It was a great class and we have all been applying what we learned in our rug designs.  Once I get a picture of Donna’s and some of the others from that class I will post them as well.

Di and the smiling redhead on the right is Wendy Tremblay

Wendy’s Paisley rug


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  1. I am honored to have my rug on your blog-thanks so much-love the pic of Di and I and Lucky-the lil puss peakin round the corner…I got to cross one more thing off my bucket list-thanks Gord for taking us tubing! We can still vision Bill’s smilin face…next rug to tackle is the wedding rug that my daughter will stand on as she marries her high school sweetie in October
    …I’ll keep ya posted on its development-also designed that with the amazing and talented Julie Marie Smith, and all the wool was expertly dyed by Loretta for me…oops I think I am overstaying my visit on Lor’s blog! Enjoy!

  2. Welcome to the blogosphere!! And I am very envious of your ability to have multiple pages and an online store – next adventure for me, I think.

    Wendy’s rug is terrific and a great example of learning that goes forward – the border class from Jule Marie and then Elaine’s paisley. Yummy.

    I will definitely put a link to you on my blog – and I will do a feature post today to welcome you. Thanks for linking mine to yours.



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