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Ahhh thank God for youth who know how to use all this technology that is beyond me!  Had company for the last 6 days who have a very techno savvy son who set me up with a blog.  I am slowly but surely learning how to use it so bear with me as I post pix etc.  Today I posted info about myself and my studio, Hooked On the Lake, as well as pix of the various kits and patterns I sell.

I am so excited to have my blog – have been reading other peoples blogs for so long and that is a big part of my morning coffee.  I hope to be able to post info about events that I am attending, hookins that I am holding as well as pix of the amazing work done by the “hookers” I have come to know over the years.

Now lets see if I can figure out how to actually post this!….

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  1. Congrats-super job…definitely going into my favorites!
    Where are all the purses?

  2. Hi there Wendy I will post the purses – just needed to figure out how to do the pix to begin with.

  3. OMG this is fantastic! Yes, thank goodness for young computer rats who think this is so easy. I suppose it will be to you by next week. I will bookmark you today so that I can now have tea in the morning and read what you are up to.

  4. Félicitations ma chère ! to think you couldn’t send pix by email not so long ago ! I’ve added your blog to my reader. I sooooo love your rugs and think it is great that you put them out there for everyone to see.

  5. Congrads on the blog!! It’s wonderful. Now if I could be so savvy, I could get it on my blackberry but not sure. I will have to try and figure it out. Wendy love the rug and I love the weiner dog. Think he’s so cool. Di is looking terrific too!! Looking forward to seeing you guys soon.

  6. Sheila McIntyre

    Loretta, it is fantastic to have you accessible this way. Great photos of your beautiful rugs. You have an incredible colour sense and it really shows when we can see all these rugs and purses at once. Maybe you could add a gallery of some of the rugs you have finished that aren ‘t kits, but which show off your talents. Some are on your RHD member page, like that wonderful sheep you did with yarns as well as wools. Also please post in your gallery ( if you add one) your G7 tree.

    It will be a boost for me if you post technique tips on dyeing. Loved the yummy maple sugar/mochachino batch. I ink I have bought 2 eight packs of those tones from you. they are so beautiful.

    Bon voyage on your blogging adventure.

  7. Way to notch it up Lor! Very cool to see you blogging; more gallery history of your work next puleeeeze 🙂 P.S. A good alternative to Hotel Kenney this summer is probably Stirling Lodge in Newboro…same chef who used to be at the Kenney – good food, easy location, and even a ‘bring your own wine’ option.

  8. I am very happy to read you have a blog. It will be so easy to see what your are up to and also have your comments on dying and hooking. Will have a chance to see your latest rugs and read your latest adventures.
    Like Donna said, something to read in the morning while having my coffee (no newspapers at the lake) and this is much more interesting than the sad news in the paper.

  9. Elizabeth (LoopE)

    I’m Hooked on the Loretta Blog.
    Absolutely Wonderful.
    Your on my Favouites Bar of Life 🙂
    Thanks for sharing and inspiring with ALL you do and do so well!

  10. Great site Loretta! Love the blogs and it sounds like you are having a good summer. Nice to spend time with good friends and hooking, (the eating part is good too). Looking forward to seeing everyone at the guild in Sep.


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